Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership Program - ORLPP

Congress created the ORLPP in 2014 to complement the agency's existing LWCF State and Local Assistance Program. The program, administered by the National Park Service, seeks to identify and highlight new ways of providing opportunities for expanding outdoor play in areas with great need, as well as promoting the development of new or enhanced partnerships for outdoor recreation in urban communities across the nation. The grants must be matched at a minimum 1:1 ratio, at least doubling the impact of the federal investment in these communities. Eligible sponsors are areas with a population of 50,000 or more people and consisting of densely settled territory. Applicants may not apply for ORLPP if they have an open LWCF grant.
ORLPP APPLICATIONDEADLINE: AUGUST 15. Applications must be submitted to [email protected] on or before that date. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.Sponsors are encouraged to seek assistance 6-8 months prior to application deadline.
More information on ORLPP can be found at Grants.gov.

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