Kids to Park Day Scavenger Hunt

May 15, 2021

Visitors are encouraged to celebrate Kids to Park Day at Poverty Point World Heritage Site for a scavenger hunt at 10 a.m., on Saturday May 15. The rangers will meet the visitors at the visitor's center, where participants will be given a check-off sheet of the animals and plants to find and identify on site along with artifacts inside the museum. Visitors will then explore the hiking trail and museum on their own to find the scavenger hunt items! Be sure to have a digital camera or smartphone to take photos of each item for proof. We will meet back at the visitor's center at 1p.m., to see who was able to find the most items. Prizes will be awarded. Please call or email the site to register. Visitors must wear masks during the program when indoors or near others and respect social distancing practices. Don't forget the comfortable clothes and walking shoes; visitors are welcome to bring a picnic lunch.